"You Gotta Start Somewhere"

(Photo to the right - Our Mid Century Cabin)

You know that saying that everyone always says... the one that is kind of annoying when you have these big dreams that you want to pursue and you want it to happen now! I'm sure your parents, teachers, professors, friends and anyone who cares about you has said it. "You gotta start somewhere" (maybe with correct grammar but maybe not, I grew up in the south!)

I thought it might be fun for you all to see some photos of our progression as a business. We started selling mid century and retro furniture out of our very rustic cabin. It was a pretty cool spot but a little more rustic than I would like (Todd would probably disagree haha). We then moved to a very small booth at a local antique warehouse called The Screen Door. Our booth was 2.5' deep and approximately 10' wide with painted barnwood siding. We proved ourselves pretty quickly in that booth and moved to a much larger one which was much easier to stage. From there we moved into our first brick and mortar shop in the small town of Woodfin NC. Now we reside 5 minutes from downtown in our shop on Patton Ave. All of this happened in less than a year and a half ago. Sometimes it feels like 10 years because of the long hours we work! I hope we are an example of how quickly things can happen for you when you finally decide and commit to whatever it is that you wish to pursue :)

-Megan & Todd

(Our Small booth in The Screen Door)

(Larger Booth at The Screen Door)

(Chair heaven... this buy really helped launch our business!)

(Working hard on projects last summer with our good friend Levi)

(Woodfin Shop)

(Woodfin Shop - Having more fun with staging and photographing)

(Shop on Patton Ave)


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