New Home - Part 1

(Above- Chairs I just finished upholstering for our living room. I had just enough fabric to do each chair)


Hello friends! We want to say a big thank you to everyone for being patient with us the past two weeks while we packed up our old house, and moved into the new. Todd and I made a pact that when we moved into this new home we would take care of ourselves a little bit and keep a few pieces. It's been quite hard to live in a home with very little to no furniture the past year and a half but we really believed in atomic and knew it would be worth the sacrifice. 

This will be the first part of our "new home" blog series. Don't be surprised if we move furniture/artwork around throughout the series until we find each pieces perfect home :) 

When we moved in the walls were painted several different colors and we figured it would best suit our lifestyle to paint the walls white (ok, well maybe mine more so than Todd's haha). He does agree with me now that white walls have the ability to make a room feel so much more expansive, light and happy. We painted three rooms white in one day! Whew, my arms were beyond sore. I highly recommend  buying the 18" roller because it does cut down on painting time. The next day we moved furniture around and began to hang up light fixtures and artwork. We are still working on the living room and dining room layout and expect it to change a little. Some of these pieces we recently brought home while others we have set aside for the past year knowing that one day we would have a home to be able to put them in. Something else to keep in mind is that almost all of our furniture that we have kept has had some issues (scratches, dents, etc). Todd likes to say to me" we have imperfect furniture because we are imperfect people". Of course we love the way a credenza looks after it's been fully restored but for us we are just as happy when it has a few scratches here and there. Furniture is to be used and lived with and that is what we intend to do! 

I'm posting some before pictures (sorry for the not so good quality, I took them quickly during our walk through) as well as after the after. Enjoy :)

Before- Foyer/Entryway

After- Foyer/Entryway

Before- Living Room

After- Living Room

Before- Office

After- Office

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