On Call

(Photo Credit- Kelly Giarrocco)

I tell people all of the time that I feel like we are basically "on call". No we are not saving lives like doctors but when we find furniture that is worth picking up we have to hit the road! We have a very hard time scheduling anything. I don't know how many times I've had to cancel plans with friends or family. For example, we were in the midst of cranking out a lot of new product for tomorrow when Todd told me we needed to hit the road to pick up some new items. This road trip is going to be around 8 hours in total so we should be back by midnight (hopefully!). This is where things get challenging in terms of what we think is best for the business. Is it better to have new product or to continue working on the projects??? This is a debate Todd and I have quite often. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE what we do but to be honest there are so many layers to this business that many people aren't aware of. 

So, what keeps us going through these hectic and crazy times of being on the road even when we don't want to? Our followers and friends support! Your comments and pats on the back make this all worth while. We have so many plans and dreams of what we want atomic to become but like every small business you have to work your butt off and put in more hours than you imagined to be possible. Thank you to everyone that has encouraged us and/or understood why we had to cancel our dinner plans. We hope to have more time for you all very soon!

-Megan & Todd

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