New Home - Part 2


We've been in our new home for 25 days now and I have to say, I'm loving it!!! It's definitely been a lot of work trying to finish up the house while managing the shop but somehow, someway we are getting by :) 

So what have we done since I last posted?? We painted the kitchen and bedroom, installed all new light fixtures in the kitchen and hung up more artwork. The kitchen is still missing something but I haven't decided what it is yet...Maybe a small island or cart? We have 3 spoiled dogs so they take up quite a bit of room with their crate and dog bed. We recently bought an ikea toddler bed for them to sleep on because they are so much easier to clean. With that said, we are in the process of making them a new frame for the mattress that is a bit more....mid century :) I'm also planning on buying few more plants because I can't help myself. They give such life to any space.

The dining room is halfway complete. We are on the lookout for a wall unit or hutch that we could put next to the dining set to display books and knick knacks. 

We also painted our porch floor a silver grey. For seating we decided to use our Hans Wegner style chairs along with these bright green Salterini style chairs. 

We rearranged some of the furniture around in the living room (as to be expected because we like to switch it up) and hung up some macrame shelving. 

Stay tuned to see how the bedroom turns out and how the kitchen and dining area evolve :)

-Megan & Todd

(Kitchen - Before)

(Kitchen - After)

(Foyer/Dining Area - Before)

(Foyer/Dining Area - After)

(Dining/Foyer - After)

(Dining/Foyer - After)

(Porch - Before)

(Porch - After)

(Living Room - Before)

(Living Room - After)

(Living Room - After)


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