Why be a furniture dealer?!

Why did I choose to be a Furniture Dealer? It takes a certain person to really love it. Does it involve making a profit, of course but money is definitely not my motive. I appreciate the icons that came before me - Ray and Charles Eames or Adrian Pearsall (a few of my favorites). Their designs are the perfect marriage of form and function. Now that Todd and I are designing/building furniture I hope one day we will inspire others with our designs by encouraging others to create.

Another reason I love what I do is because I really enjoy meeting all kinds of people that are drawn to good design. Whether it's photography, graphic design, architecture, etc... I can always tell when someone really loves what they do. They light up just talking about what others may think are mundane tasks and are always up for a challenge! I love when people notice the tiniest details in someone else's work. It shows that they are really intrigued by what it is the other person is doing. For example, I was talking to Jeremy from Decades Antiques and Vintage earlier today and he told me about his love for photography and how he appreciated the different angles I used in my product photos. It may seem like a trivial thing to many but to us it meant thoughtfully deciding even the smallest of details. Basically it's so much fun to geek out with other people on whatever you are passionate about. Our creativity is meant to be shared!

And last but certainly not least, I love sharing my passion for furniture design with Todd! He encourages me when I'm feeling uninspired and challenges me when I am hitting a wall creatively. When our metal worker brought over the frame for the sofa we designed together (over a year ago) I couldn't help but tear up. The sofa symbolized our never ending persistence and our future for atomic. It was one of those "wow, is this really happening moments!" 

With all of that said, a very big THANK YOU, to anyone that has said a kind word, given us hope when we might have needed it or for following your dream and inspiring us to do the same. You guys are the best :)



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