2015 Atomic Highlights

Wow! What a year 2015 has been for atomic :) I browsed through almost all of our photos (I have way too many pictures of furniture) last night and felt such a wide range of emotions. Here are the events I remember most...

The first Adrian Pearsall Sofa we upholstered and how amazing it looked in it's new home! (Jan 2015)

Debating on whether or not we should expand into the building on Patton Ave, the month of moving endless amounts of furniture, painting the entire space and waiting for all or our inspections and permits to go through (Feb 2015 -this photo captures how delirious I was while painting the floors during the wee hours of the morning)

Watching how excited Todd was to be creative in our new space - I'm still in love with the live edge black walnut counter he made (Feb 2015)

Finally having a space to spread out and get organized! (Feb 2015)

Collaborating with our good friend and artist, Felipe Santander, for our first design project as atomic (Feb 2015)

Sharing our space with our friends at TC's retro rentals and having our Grand Opening party with Troy and Kelly from Modern Asheville :) (March 2015)

Pushing ourselves and attempting upholstery projects that required a lot of time and problem solving - Thanks to our friend Jamie who visited us during that time and was super patient while we upholstered this sofa (March 2015)

Our first Florida trip of the year where our 1987 Ford Van was hit by a tow truck which caused us to spend the night in a sketchy motel. The next day our van quit working and this is a photo of Todd fixing it on the side of the road. It broke down one last time in a gas station in Atlanta where we had to spend the night until a car repair shop opened. It was quite the trip, I look back and am thankful we made it back in one piece! (March 2015)

First design project as atomic complete! Custom upholstered furniture, custom made coffee table, and designed and sourced the reclaimed wood for the fireplace. (March 2015)

Designing/building our first atomic live edge sofa (April 2015)

Taking a mini break and paddle boarding with dolphins for Todd's birthday (April 2015)

New logo by the super talented Josh Coyle (June 2015)

Todd DJ'ing at Bonnaroo Radio (June 2015)

Collaborating with Mariner & Mistress for their pop-up shop at atomic (June 2015)

The time I went a little crazy buying plants from a local nursery (July 2015)

Moving into our home in West Asheville that we were able to furnish with some of our favorite pieces! (August 2015)

Taking over Ashevillefolk's instagram account :) (September 2015)

Sharing our story at Ashevillefolk's Business n Brews (September 2015)

Picking up our first big supply of hand woven persian rugs (October 2015)

Conquering upholstering projects we wouldn't have imagined to try a year ago... (October 2015)

Sharing our home with some of our closest friends during the holidays :) (December 2015)


As you can see its been an eventful year for atomic! We can't wait to see what is in store for us in 2016 :) 

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