Golden Rope Wrapped Wall Hanging



This abstract weaving was handmade on a pair of metal hoops + accented with 3 fiber wrapped ropes. The whole piece remains on the hoops, so the structure will stay solid. The weaving weighs around 12-13 pounds and can hang from a single nail if you want it to hang straight up and down, but add another nail and you can hang the piece from any angle (straight up and down, horizontal, at an angle like seen here, upside down, you choose!) - its very customizable for your space!

The inside of the weave is a mix of different sized undyed cotton ropes with tiny brass beads hand sewn throughout - all creating a super fun chunky texture that is even better up close in real life.
I think this piece adds a fun, boho feeling to any space.

The mix of textures and color palette adds great dimension that can fit anywhere in your home. Looks great incorporated into a gallery wall or on its own as a standout piece. The abstract shape is unique and looks great in a set with other weavings or all on its own!

Hand woven without a pattern, so you are the only one who will ever have this exact design


Body of Weaving:
- 28.5" long x 19.5" wide (top half) / 14.25" wide (bottom half)

- 25" (longest side), 18" (shortest side)

At angle on the wall (as seen here):
- 27" wide x 50" long

***Because of the shape of this weaving and the ability to hang it from ANY ANGLE, the measurements can be different according to the way you hang it - please feel free to send me any questions you may have.


Our goal is always to make something unique and beautiful that fits perfectly into your life and your space. If you need a different color, size or quantity, please don't hesitate to contact us for a custom piece all your own.


*LOCAL PICKUP ONLY or CONTACT LAUREN at for shipping options.

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